Wednesday, August 1, 2018

1st day in Scotland

April 24

The flight from Rome to Edinburgh was on Brussels airlines which seems much improved from the last time I flew them. Faracy picked me up at the Haymarket tram station which I took from the airport. I had stopped at the 'information' desk [which I always do in a new country] to find out about public transit, maps, and local attractions. I had never met Faracy before, but had spoken with her on Shane's phone when she called while I was visiting Minneapolis last March.

They've been friends since high school, and I was staying at Shane's in Minneapolis at the time. It was very serendipitous. I had intended to be in Crete for May Day, but my plans had fallen through, and Faracy invited me to come and stay with her and celebrate in Scotland. This is my first trip. It was 10 degrees cooler than Italy, but spring was springing out all over in late April.

This is where I stayed with Faracy Moon Grouse in Edinburgh.

17 Gladstone Terrace

It was not a long flight, and Faracy was done hanging her art show, so we picked up her daughter and drove out to view Arthur's Seat.
Went to the place where the show was to open on Friday.
And here I am at 'the Castle' which is near Arthur's Seat and where the Art Show will open.

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