Sunday, August 12, 2018

May 1-3

Found a few more photos from 4/30, but as you can see, the quality is not what it should be:
Performers at the fire arch.
More performers. That's George taking pictures to the left of the blue birdman.

Nice view of Edinburgh from the top of Colton Hill.

Arose before dawn to gather the May dew, and then slept in. Leaving in two days so I went to the Botanic gardens and Art Museum.
Just loved everything in this photo.

Purples all over

One of many waterfalls.

There are so many scotches in Scotland, but didn't have much room in the suitcase and still have 3 weeks to go in Lithuania. I was walking back on Clerk Street and found the last bottle of this and brought it home.
 That evening Faracy had a few friends over for Bealtine, and they did divination, and we drank wine and had potluck finger foods, and then I suggested we listen to "Repent Walpurgis" by Procol Harem, followed by a screening of the perfect movie for May Day, "The Wicker Man." Happy May was had by all.

Last full day in Scotland. Faracy took me thrifting and sightseeing again, and to one of her favorite places, the river Dene. I'm working on a composite painting of these five photos. We had cappucinos and steak sausages for dinner. I gave Faracy one of my paintings, and she gave me one of hers. Then I packed like crazy for my flight to Lithuania tomorrow afternoon. 

Dene Folly

Dene gate

River Dene

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