Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Arose early for me and went to the Museums of Scotland. Hard to post all the photos, but these were my favorites in their genres.
My favorite museum piece of the whole trip. It was the only one you weren't supposed to photograph, but I took it anyway.
It would make a great jigsaw puzzle.

It's an ale hall after all.

Best stained glass.

Pictish stones


Where J K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books

Public Library in Edinburgh

Library Ceiling

After a long exploration of the Scottish Museum and surroundings, I stopped here on Clerk Street for a proper afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea at family shop on Clerk Street

Cost all of 10 pounds

While I was on the way back to Faracy's, I found a duvet and pillow case for 4.5 pounds of William Morris' 'Pomegranate' pattern. It's one of his oldest designs, circa 1864.
Pomegranate Pillowcase [by Sanderson's]

 I also found a space heater there for 8 pounds, but wasn't sure it would fit in my suitcase. 

Went back the next day and bought the heater. Faracy picked me up and Matty took the heater back to the flat for me while we went out charity shop shopping.
The ones left behind.

Went to over 10 stores, but didn't really find much. Did buy a jet necklace for 2 pounds. All that shopping made us peckish, so we went to a cute fish and chips place full of schoolboys, and enjoyed a classic UK dish. Next, on to the Secret Garden for onesies and perrenials.

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View of patio seating and plants. We enjoyed hot drinks inside and then off to pick up daughter, Maddy, and start BBQ.

Family BBQ : I could see my breath, but the sausages were really delicious. I said good night. After all I have a long event on Walpurgisnacht.

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