Friday, August 3, 2018

Scotland, Part 2

April 25 - 27

When we returned to her home, her Polish boyfriend, Mattis, made us "instant borscht"! It was delicious. They put me up in the big closet where Faracy's mom stays when she visits. It was cozy and warm. This Californian doesn't think 10 degrees [50 F.] is balmy.

4/25 Spent the next few days acclimating, relaxing, and touring Edinburgh. Scotland is very beautiful in Spring. And Nature was just beginning to bud, and branch, and flower when I arrived.

Have no idea what these are, but they're purple.

Slept in the first day and wandered around Clerk Street. Mattis sent me to an Eastern European Deli on that street next to a Charity Shop [where I found an excellent book, "Folktales of the Scottish Border." ] The Deli had wonderful rye breads, meats, Polish mustard, and cheeses. I went there every other day.
View of Arthur's Seat from Clerk Street

 Was really lost around Princes Street, and boarded a tram instead of a bus. A dapper Scotsman in a stunning black plaid suit offered to escort me back to the proper transfer spot and intervened for me with the ticket taker.
[Wish I'd taken a photo of him, but I did snap one of this darling child at a 'brass' concert inside the  Natl. Gallery on 4/26].

Just love her shoes! She was listening to the music at the museum.

My niece, Caira, would probably like to play this.
Fine Scottish Establishment - had to check it out.
That evening Mattis made us real beef Borscht with the dumplings. Really yummy. 
Season of the Witch opening. Faracy is a well-known artist in the Edinburgh art scene. She had organized this event with five other artists, and at the opening, several paintings sold in the 300-500 pound range, including this one which was also used for the poster for the event. [Red dot on card on the left means it was sold.]

 I had a few things with me I'd brought for the conference in Rome, and had set up shop in a window area and sold a print [dancing toads on the left] and an amber necklace for 50 pounds.
I was asked to speak about May Day and its customs and was happy to share my knowledge with the crowd for about 10 minutes.
The show was quite a successful event. There was even a belly dancer, and Faracy was well dressed for the show.

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