Friday, August 3, 2018

End of Congress

On the 4th day we met at our hosts' [MTR] headquarters about a 10 minute walk from our flat. Inija's going back to Lithuania today after the Congress. Last night we had a 'farewell' dinner at an Osteria nearby. She ordered a tuna steak. Neither one of us had ever had one. I've seen her order tuna on a pizza, but the tuna steak was absolutely delicious [and I'm not very fond of any fish]. The night before I encouraged her to try Eggplant Parmargiana. She'd never had that dish before either, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't think I've never seen an eggplant in Lithuania. This trip we're really enjoying the Italian food in our neighborhood. One of the reasons we walked so many place was because even with a bus stop a half block from our flat, the buses were eternally late.

But I digress. We arrived early, but chatted and said goodbye to a lot of the others who were leaving later in the afternoon.
Wall at the headquarters.
The last day we finish up any loose ends and entertain proposals for the next meeting. No decision was made, but it may be Spain in 2020.
MTR roughly translates as Traditional Roman Movement. This is behind where the organizers were sitting for the meeting.
I took it before they arrived.
We finished our business early for us, although Inija left early to catch her plane. A bunch of us wandered to a nearby restaurant and had a lovely time.
Starting on the left, PhD Lady from Ukraine, next three are Letts, bearded Slovenian, Belgian Lady, another Lett, Marianna from Czech Republic.

At lunch with the Latvians [or Letts] who asked me to sing 3 songs, but I heard 'tree' songs, so I sang 'em two about trees. The other tables applauded and one of them sang us a song.

Originally, I was going to Crete for May Day with Melissa, but she couldn't make it this trip, so I spent an extra day to recover in Rome being a tourist. I've already posted the painting I made of the wall, but here is the wall on my last night in Rome.
Goodbye Rome, goodbye Aurelian Wall outside my window.

 My plane left on [4/24] for Scotland.

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