Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Amber, etc.

Having recently returned from Tribal Hearth at Mythwood in Canada, and the 46th Gathering of the Tribes in Lafayette, Georgia, I'm often asked what I sell. Here are some pix:

This was my booth at Sacramento Pagan Pride 2012.
Pagan Pride 2012

The above are some of my Baltic goods, and below is:

Thanks for looking. I'm working on setting up an Etsy shop, too. It's called AmberMagic.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

European Congress of Ethnic Religions

Here's the link for 2013:

But it's actually from the 6th - 11th.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ravenwood Returns

Freya’s Folk presents RAVENWOOD

When: July 4th. 2013 - July 8th. 2013

Heathen Campout/Fun & Frolic & Blots in N. California

Event Details: Join us atop the "Sleeping Lady" (Mt. Tamalpais) for a mellow weekend campout with fun, frolic, and a feast. Learn about the American Vinland Association, Romuva, and the California Utlandr Alliance. Enjoy Heathen fellowship, workshops, and merriment around the fire with the Politically Incorrect Song Singers (P.I.S.S.) Loggats Tournament, (with prizes), special events, and guests. Tentatively scheduled are Pasha & the Pagans, Della & Stephen's handfasting on Satyrday; & Seidr with Hrafnar & Diana Paxson. More information will be sent with your registration (in June).

Vendors welcome, but must donate an item worth at least $20.00 to the raffle. Workshop/ritual presentations welcome/encouraged. All Registrations or cancellations must be received by June 26th. Late registrations accepted only if space permits. No on-site registrations. Any one NOT registered will NOT be admitted. Registration includes three or four nights camping, feast on Saturday, one raffle ticket, and a commemorative item. Tent camping only. Our campground has flush toilets, water, sinks, and food cupboards. We have both campsites with a limit of 75 people (but there are several motels nearby for the less hardy) from 2 p.m. Thorsday till noon Manisday. Tree worship on Thorsday. Other daily blots & symbels. Annual American Vinland Association & Utlandr Alliance meetings. If you'd like to present/perform, please contact us.

What to Bring: Food & camping gear & $ for Heathen shopping.

Price/Donation: $60 each (Thorsday-Manisday); $55 each (Friggsday-Manisday), $100 couple, $25/vehicle

Children 13 and under are FREE.

Event Location: Panoramic Highway in Marin City

Event TIME Details: 2 pm Thorsday - noon Moonday

Directions: Entrance is opposite Mtn. Home Inn on top of Mt. Tamalpais about 20 minutes North of San Francisco. Map is sent with registration. NO on-site registration! Full refund if cancellation request is received by June 26th.

Websites: http://www.freyasfolk.org, http://www.freyasfolk.blogspot.com

Mailing Address: 537 Jones Street, PMB #165, SF, CA 94102

Monday, April 22, 2013

upcoming events

.This Friday (4/26) is the Opening Reception at Pittsburgh City Hall (N on Railroad Ave. off of Hwy 4) from 5-7 pm. It's FREE, and I have two paintings and two stained glass pieces in this show which is on display till 5/2. Art will be on floors 1 & 3, and refreshments on floor 2. On Sat. 4/27, I'll be at the NROOGD Beltane, and 5/3-5 I'll be vending at the Beltane event in Wilseyville. Happy Walpurgis to all!

Also, Ravenwood is coming up 7/4-8. Space is limited to 75. Contact me for a flyer/sign up info. NO on-site registration.