Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Faracy had told me they celebrated May Day on 4/30. Now I get it. The event we went to started at sundown on Walpurgisnacht on Colton Hill. We arrived around 6 and found a great parking spot right away. It was a short walk to the gate and then up the hill with thousands of others to bring in the May.
That's Arthur's Seat behind us, and the Moon rose between us
Faracy was kind enough to lend me a purple, heavy wool coat. It was cool, and as it grew darker, it grew colder, too. My pictures could not capture all the entertainment and views in the dark. We had stunning views of Edinburgh and its surroundings from the top of Colton Hill.

This was one of the stages. [That's Arthur's Seat through the pillars.]
There was a bonfire site, and other event areas, and at least 100 performers.
 Excellent food and drink vendors.
With a Full Moon rising over Arthur's Seat, they crown the May Queen and King around midnight and then head from Colton Hill to Arthur's Seat for a May Day party.

We ran into a photographer who knew Faracy, and took some photos of us. His name is George Cairns, and he takes lovely photos of us and of Nature.
We stayed till midnight, but left before the rush, and had an easy time returning to Gladstone Terrace. We did not go to the after party. Here are two photos I took in her flat.

Faracy told me her grandfather has had her painting like this since she was a child.

Faracy's flat has really high ceilings as you can tell from her curtains.
I was shocked! They're a Wm. Morris print, too. She said they were there when she moved in.


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