Friday, June 22, 2018

ECER, Day 3

At the end of the second day, we just made it to the Pantheon before it closed.

the Pantheon.

Pantheon Ceiling

The next day the Letts and some of the others said they missed me singing songs, but I told them dinner was just too late for us, and they said they didn't leave the place till after midnight. We were really glad we'd skipped it.

On the third day of the Congress, the host group usually takes everyone on a tour. Ours took us to the Palantine Hill and the Coliseum. Inija and I walked from our flat and headed south at the Arch of Constantine to meet the rest of the gang and head up the hill.
Walking around Rome is a pleasure.

 It's easy to see why and how Augustus and Livia turned this into the best neighborhood in town.

This ancient fountain is still working after thousands of years.

White building behind the ruins is a museum.

Still beautiful after thousands of years.

Stoned again.

Roman arch. Palantine hill walk was one of the most beautiful I've ever done. Inija and I logged over 12,000 steps [9.2 km].

Inija took this in the shade at the top of the Palantine Hill near Augustus and Livia's home
 [or as Mick informed me 'Chuck & Vera's.']
And while we were there, a group photo was taken:

I'm on the far left.
On the way down, roses were passed out to all the women and we made offerings to Vesta [goddess of the Hearth; her acolytes were also the keepers of legal documents and wills].
After the tour Inija & I made a trip to Coliseum and saw these on the way:
That's a live raven hanging out on the lamp post.
And a lovely rendition in chalk on the sidewalk of this master work.

Rome takes great pictures.
More soon!

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