Sunday, June 3, 2018

Italy, Day 2

I'm speaking about Romuva in the US on the first day of Congress.

The 2nd day was presentations from all over Europe. 
Greek Proposition

Inija spoke about Romuva obtaining recognition as a 'religion' in Lithuania, and many other groups are working towards that in their countries.
Krive Inija

We were all supposed to go to a certain restaurant for dinner. The presentations were over around 5, but the reservation was for 9 pm. Inija and I were way too tired to go out to eat that late, so we went to a neighborhood restaurant. On our way out of the Palace, our host was talking with a man on our elevator whom he introduced as the owner of the place.
palace courtyard
Must be nice! 
Palace Walls

Palace Ceiling

Even More Ceiling

Palace Is the Building on the Far Left

One of My Favorite Rooms

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