Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For Sale in Lithuania in Dvarciskes

Jonas and Inija  told me that housing depression has hit Lithuania. The drunken Russian who sold me his place in 2004 moved into his father's house right next to theirs (Mine is the 3rd one on the road in our village.) He died over a year ago and they were asking 60,000 litas (about $25K). Place has no plumbing, and probably needs rewiring from Russian electric to Euro style (will cost less than $1000). Also, we don't think he cleaned or did any thing to the place since he moved in. Does have a big barn. Needs an outhouse (he used to use ours!). Average worker in LT  makes $500/month so you can hire plenty of Heathen help! Inija's brother, Valdas, is an excellent handyman. He made all the improvements to their house.
House on left, you're looking at barn.

Back of barn and house

View of Trinkunas house with new verandah from front door of one for sale.

another view of house for sale

another view of house for sale

another view of house for sale

The good news is the price has been lowered to about $11K! Contact Inija if interested at

You could live in a Heathen village with the Krivis of Romuva as your neighbor.

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