Saturday, October 15, 2011

All about amber & me

Will be visiting Toronto 11/2-3 and my hostess Kim has been kind enough to offer up her home for an Amber Party and show for her beading guild friends and neighbors. The links at the bottom of the invitation were unknown to me, and then my friend in Geneva posted "Freedom & Joy" from Escalade in 2009. I'm lucky to post to my blog let alone keep up with youtube, but watch for more posts soon.

Et voici une vidéo de vous ma chčre ...

---------- Forwarded Message ----------
From: Kim Currie
Please contact Kim at address above if you'd like to attend 11/2 around 7-9 pm. This is at her home in Etobicoke, Ontario, about 10 minutes from Pearson Airport.

Hi Caroline,
Writing as I imgine you remember Prudence Priest from her visit here last year & her amazing amber and Jet knowledge.
She remembered the fun with you & Lee and your hard work with the beading guild. She is returning to her home in San Fran USA from Geneva and Lithuania and will be here for a day or so on the way in and out.
She offered to do a presentation regarding Amber and Jet for the guild, if you guys would like to hear her. As you know she's a well reconginzed expert/speaker/author on the subject, as well as use of these jewellery/beading items & impact in ethnic religeons. She's also tons of fun and just a blast to hang with. No matter what, there will be silly jokes and lots of humour.
Let us know what you think


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