Monday, September 6, 2010

AVA represented at World Congress of Ethnic Religions

August 24-30, Bologna Italy

I attended the conference as a representative of AVA and Romuva USA. Had a great time with Lars and Seren of Fiorn-Sidr(?) from Denmark, and Geza von Nemyni from Germany. Andras Corben was in attendance as well, and had just come from Romuva Summer camp at my village in Lithuania. One of these years, I'll make it to camp. 2012 may be in Denmark. If so, I'll post a trip and info so we can go to Denmark and Lithuania afterwards. Andras invited me to Rites of Spring (near Boston) for 2011. Alex DelBusso and I shall probably drive down after Gaia Gathering we're both attending in Montreal the weekend before.

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