Saturday, August 21, 2010

World Congress of Ethnic Religions

Here's why I'm always behind. Too busy out proselytizing and promoting Heathenism to stay home and deal with paperwork.
And here's what Marina sent me. I edited the most glaring mis-translations, but wanted all of you to know where I'll be for my next adventure. I have never been to Italy, and when I asked all my friends, not one had been to Bologna. The only two things I know about it is when I watch the "Coliandro" mysteries on PBS (the mHz International Mysteries) and they show its environs as they do on "Streets of San Francisco"; and that some church there has the largest extant zodiac sundial.

25 - Arrival day

During this day we will accompany the delegations to the hostel. There will be document registration and payment for the hostel for all the days.

Please, for those who didn't before, tell us the arrival time of arriving and the place where you will arrive (airport, train station, etc), or if you are coming directly to the Hostel. Then you will be accompanied to the hostel. In the hostel there will be a small welcoming buffet during the afternoon (not alcohol, wine or meal before the rite). In the evening there will be a briefing about the program and logistics, and after this the opening Ritual.

The Hostel address is: Via Viadagola 5 (Bologna, near San Donato Quarter)

26 - Presentation day

Before all there will be the accreditation of members. During the accreditation people pay also for the buffet and the dinner of the evening. This will be done every congress day.

We need a short presentation from every delegation, with logo, name and data (mail, link, etc) for paper copies.

During all the days there will be the possibility to use the computer for video, slides, etc.

The Congress place is Via Santo Stefano, Sala del Baraccano.

27 - Travel Day to Roma

Starting place in Bologna Hostel at 5.00 am. The payment will be done the 25 (or 26 for those who arrive later) and we will tell you the exact cost (there are every day more participants, so the cost is getting down). The lunch will be give in Roma, by Pietas association and it will cost around 7 euro.

There also will be a rite in Roma: this is an ancient ritual (it was made also around 2500 years ago) that used to be done by Romans with friend "countries". So please, bring a little piece of your land (sand, ground, etc) for this rite.

28 - Congress work day

It will start at 10.00. Information same as the 26. (the discussion summary will be given there).

There will be free time after lunch and in the evening. Everybody will have a reference person number to contact in case of need.

29 - Conferences Day

It will start at 9.00. Information same as the 26. Please, for those who want to do a conference, send us an abstract in english, the conference title and name of the relator (for who didn't before). Every conference will be for maximum 1 hour. We need it as soon as possible to prepare the paper document.

There will be free time after lunch and in the evening. Everybody will have a reference person number to contact in case of need.

All the Congress days will be transmitted LIVE STREAMING at this link:

When we have all the documents, we will prepare the final program.

For answers, comunications or any need, don't hesitate to contact me: My telephone number is +39 (for Italy) 392 999 8832 or 392 999 8831. (the +39 could be used also in Italy to Italy with mobile phone) - english or french languages. If you talk in german, contact me by mail and I will send you the name and the number of those who speak in this language.

VALETE OPTIME IN PACE DEORVM [Well met in the peace of the Gods (if I'm remembering my Latin aright)]

Marina Coloni, Vice-President
Gentilitas - Spiritualità Italica

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