Monday, October 2, 2017

8/10, Part 2

The train left us at the Mall of Norway in Flam [which is short for flim-flam] which was like Disneyland without the rides and lots of overpriced trinkets. Their amber was 10 times the price of what I sell mine for.
While we waited, Daniel cajoled me to Aegir’s Brew Hall.

Family note: Please notice that the last beer is named Lynchburg - but I doubt it's from our Ohio village.
Norwegian Bar Fly

After a 5 beer sampler tray,
Daniel drank the dwarf under the table

we were feeling much better,

and had a nice chat with a couple from Oregon.
We wandered back to the loading area and Kim and the swains were 2nd in line, so we managed a really nice table by the window on our tour of fjords from Flam to Voss.
Endless waterfalls

Gorgeous views

Sailing away
From the ferry
we took  another wild and scary ride on a bus
More waterfalls on the wild switchback road to Voss.

to Voss to catch a train to Bergen.

Daniel put the kids, the luggage and me in a cab to our Bergen digs. The cab driver dropped us off at the wrong address around 9 pm. It was about two blocks away, but several people helped us find it, and the swains managed to maneuver it all. The taxi was 420 kronen [about $50] Daniel and Kim bought groceries and took their own cab. Daniel made burgers and sweet potato fries, but we were almost too tired to eat them. Showered, packed, and passed out.
View from our Bergen airbnb

Left around 8:30 am for our 10 am flight. Ordered a large cab to take us to Bergen airport the next day. Off to Lithuania.

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