Thursday, September 28, 2017

Norway photos


Museum chair on which you can sit!

My Queen


Thor on the Shelf


Wall Art

At last! I’m really figuring out this photo thing. I’m doing an update of photos from my camera with brief commentary. These are all from Oslo.

One of my favorites: waiting for the bus the first day; from left to right, me, Kim, Daniel, Max, and Dylan.

waiting for the bus.jpg
black cats.jpg

Shop on way to ferry.
Viking Jewellery

going to the chapel


Norsk Deco

More Munch Art which inspired a Mt. Diablo painting of mine.

Been there, seen that, but not in Norway!

Oseberg revisited

Oseberg carving

Two lovely bags at Oseberg shop
Pictures were a lot cheaper!

At the Nobel shop.


Next one: Norway in a Nutshell

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