Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kulgrinda East Coast appearance

Hello, everyone!
I am pleased to announce that Kulgrinda will be at Rites of Spring this May 21-26 at a site near Lee, MA. It’s about 60 miles north of Bristol, CT. Info at
From the website:
This year we are excited to introduce you to some special guests from Europe who we have met through Andras Corban Arthen’s international networking on behalf of EarthSpirit.
Inija Trinkuniene is the matriarch of the Romuva community which practices the traditional pre-Christian religion of Lithuania. Inija will be offering both workshops, and performances with several members of her family who are also attending and form the group Kulgrinda.
Vetra Trinkunaite, Inija’s daughter has been touring internationally as a solo artist and will offer at least one performance at Rites of Spring.
Also, I'll be flying in from California to Bristol, CT to visit my goddesschild (who can't attend), so I really need a ride to and from the Rites.
More than willing to overpay for gas/expenses. Last time I attended was last century, so in case I can't find a ride, can anyone tell me how to take public transportation from Bristol to Lee or Great Barrington?

Thanks, and I'll be posting info on this year's ECER in Vilnius July 8-11 soon.
Prudence, Romuva Ambassadress

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