Sunday, January 26, 2014

Krivis Trinkunas

In 2011, I was with the family for Inija’s Birthday party. Here is a photo of the necklace Jonas gave her. 

 And here we are at home with the family. His youngest daughter, Vetra (storm), is to the left. All of his children have very heathen names. 

That trip I attended a wedding ceremony they were officiating in a park named after the man who divined Gediminas’ (the last pagan emperor of Europe’s) dreams.

 We also visited Dvarciskes and went mushroom hunting.

The following summer I attended Romuva Summer Camp (which is held every August) in our village. Besides the photos above, here is one of the altar to Perkunas (Thor), followed by a detail of his face. The bare branches above the roof are lightning-struck wood.

Detail of Perkunas

 Jonas was a true rock hound. Many stones were brought to the village. The one below, Jonas brought himself from his birthplace. It has a naturally-worn depression which collects holy water (rain & dew).

 The year WCER was changed to ECER, the Congress was held in Bologna, Italy. This shows, Inija, Jonas, and his eldest daughter, Zemyna (Earth) singing at the opening of the event.

 This year, ECER will be held in Vilnius July 8-11. I shall be attending and anyone who is interested can contact me or the numbers listed above. The last time I saw Jonas was last summer at an American Kulgrinda concert in Connecticut with my goddesschild, Della. It is so hard to believe that this wonderful, kind, man, priest, writer, fellow philologist, and friend is no longer with us, but his legacy is intact and Romuva will continue. Prudence Priest, Romuva Ambassadress, prudence

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