Thursday, March 10, 2011

Upcoming Events & Prudence’s Appearances

March 15-19 - Bouquets to Art at the DeYoung (open till 8:45 on Friday). Jade and I both have memberships and we can each take one guest every day.

19th (Full Moon) & 26th – Shield painting party at Patt’s with dawn ship offering on Sunday 3/27.

April 1st - Rites of Spring 8-10pm at Herbst Theatre – FREE!

8-11 – Prudence in DC visiting friends.

May 7th Pagan Pride in Berkeley – marching with the Besom Brigade and then will be vending amber, etc. at Daughters of the Goddess’ Beltane in Alameda.

9th-13th – Debbie & Linda visit me in Walnut Creek – South Park mini-con.

18th – 23rd – Gaia Gathering in Montreal with Alex.

24th – 26th – New York City area to visit Della in CT and see “Book of Mormon” on Broadway.

June 18th – Pirates’ Ball at Benicia Clocktower with Tempest.

20-21 – Solstice and Birthday Party campout on Mt. Diablo.

30- July 4th – 22nd Ravenwood on Mt. Tam.

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